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November 15-16, 2021 : Workshops
November 17-18, 2021 : Conference


November 17-18, 2021

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A PDF of the abstracts and conference program can be downloaded here:

Abstracts & Conference Program (PDF)

Wednesday 17th: Conference Day 1

8:30Welcome and conference opening
Plenary (Session chair: Kate Parkins)
8:40A dynamic Bayesian model of COVID-19 progression Steven Mascaro
9:2010 minute break
Environmental session I (Session chair: Annalie Dorph)
9:30Introduction to the environmental sessions Annalie Dorph
9:35Predicting bushfire risks in Victoria using Bayesian Network analysis Erica Marshall
9:55Carbon fluxes in forests Trent Penman
10:15Bayesian Networks for modelling inundation: Pilot study from New Zealand Annemarie Christophersen
10:35Application of Bayesian Network models to wicked climate-health problems Esther Onyango
10:55Question time (5 mins) / Break time (15 mins)
Environmental session II (Session chair: Annemarie Christophersen)
11:15Probabilistic assessment of coastal inundation in the Pacific Shannon Bengtson
11:35Understanding policy instrument interactions for adoption of eco-friendly farming practices on the Great Barrier Reef Helen Mayfield
11:55BAIPA - A new ecologically-based, probabilistic risk assessment tool to support risk assessment for biological control agents Nicolas Meurisse
12:15Extended question time (10 mins)
12:25Day one close

Thursday 18th: Conference Day 2

9:00Welcome back
Debate session (Session chair: Shannon Bengtson)
9:05Introduction to the Debate session Shannon Bengtson
9:10Debate topic: BNs capture the complexity of the real world with the right level of simplification, or do they? Bruce Marcot and Trent Penman
Defence and industry session (Session chair: Andrew Coutts)
9:35Introduction to the Defence and industry session Andrew Coutts
9:40A combined Bayesian Network and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis approach for analysing Defence decision making problems with uncertain criteria and preference weights Thang Cao
10:00Validating a large-scale decision support Bayesian Network Mathew Zuparic
10:20Break time (10 mins)
10:30Integration of Bayesian Network and multi-objective optimisation for force structure design Minh Nguyen
10:50Developing a suppression effectiveness model to calculate the likelihood of bushfire containment Bonnie Wintle/Tim Gazzard
11:10Quantifying wildfire risk associated with electricity networks using Bayesian Decision Networks Brett Cirulis
11:30Question time (5 mins) / Break time (15 mins)
New developments in Bayesian network modelling (Session chair: Helen Mayfield)
11:50Introduction to the new developments in BN modelling session Helen Mayfield
11:55Initial explorations of machine self-learning with generative adversarial Bayesian Networks Bruce Marcot
12:15Designing an evidence-based Bayesian Network for estimating the risk versus benefits of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine Jane Sinclair
12:35Extended question time (10 mins)
12:45Thank you and conference close

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