Call for Topics for Panel Discussion

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December 2-3 & 11, 2020 : Workshops
December 9-10, 2020 : Conference

We invite members and conference attendees to submit a topic for discussion related to the general theme: Obstacles and Challenges in the Application of Bayesian Networks

Each submission should be limited to a paragraph that outlines:

  • the particular challenge or obstacle they are concerned with;
  • why this is a problem; and
  • a particular statement to be debated or a question to be addressed within this context.

For example, you might submit questions related to the following sub-themes:

  • Eliciting and combining expert judgement for BNs
  • Identifying various sources and types of errors in BN modelling
  • The challenges of working with big data when using BNs

A number of topics received will be addressed in parallel panel sessions on December 10 (day 2 of the conference). Three ABNMS board members will be assigned as panellists for each session, and they will be there to facilitate discussion and answer questions. However we are hoping for an invigorating discussion with all  participants.

Submissions close 1 December and we will advise on the selected themes and details on how to attend the appropriate panel session on  7 December.

Send us your topic via email