ABNMS-09 Program

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Abstracts for Presentation
DBL Interactive - A Bayesian Network Decision Support toolkit for the web Carl Smith, Andrew LingAbstractPresentation
EXLAIM2 - A tool for assessing climate change impacts on natural resources at regional scale Baihua Fu, Carmel Pollino, Ambrose Andrews, Felix Andrews, Susan CuddyAbstract 
Extending Actions for Biodiversity Conservation with Bayesian Networks (ABC-BN) Adrian Moorrees, Alicia Lucas, Vanessa Craigie, Owen Woodberry, Ann NicholsonAbstractPresentation
TakeHeat II: a Decision support tool for clinical cardiovascular risk assessment Ann Nicholson, Charles Twardy, Kevin Korb, Lucas HopeAbstract 
Representing Indigenous wetland ecological knowledge in a Bayesian Belief Network Liedloff A.C., P. Christophersen, S. McGregor, B. McKaigeAbstract 
Supporting effective management of water-dependent ecosystems: the IBIS DSS for NSW inland wetlands Merritt W. S., C. Pollino, B. FuAbstract 
A BN model for peatland risk assessment Andrea WhiteAbstractPresentation
Sensitivity to uncertainty in Bayes nets Mark Burgman, B. A. Wintle, C. A. Thompson, A. Moilanen, M. C. Runge, Yakov Ben-HaimAbstractPresentation
KEBN-DN: A Methodology for Knowledge Engineering Bayesian Decision Networks Tali Boneh, Ann NicholsonAbstractPresentation
Graphical and numerical methods for insights into BNs Felix AndrewsAbstractPresentation
Maximising Gross Margins Lowers N Exports from cropland in South-Eastern Australia David Nash, Penny Riffkin, Robert Harris, Alan Blackburn, Cam Nicholson, Mark McDonaldAbstractPresentation
Spatial Parameterisation and uncertainty analysis of Bayesian crop-economic model Chalermpol Samranpong, Carmel PollinoAbstract 
Using Bayesian Networks to improve understanding of survey data; A case study of adoption of conservation practices by landholders Jenifer Ticehurst, Allan Curtis, Wendy MerrittAbstractPresentation
Application of Bayesian Networks for Fog Forecasting for Aviation in Australia R Potts, T Boneh, M Manickam, Y Miao, P Newham, G WeymouthAbstractPresentation
A Bayesian Network for Thunderstorm Weather Forecasting John Bally, Tali BonehAbstract 
Bayesian Networks, operational risk and organisational learning in structured finance transaction management Andrew Sanford, Imad MoosaAbstract 
Keeping track of pieces in Invisible Chess David Albrecht, Abriel BudAbstractPresentation
A Bayesian Poker Player Kevin B Korb, Ann E Nicholson, et al.Abstract 
Abstracts for Poster session
Using Bayesian networks to inform policy on the importation of old human remains Shaiyena Williams, Dr Jasjit Johal, Dr Helen Cameron  
Trade-offs between production, efficiency, and environment in livestock farming systems Fiona Robertson, Malcolm McCaskill, Steve Clark, Nicole J Mathers and Ann NicholsonAbstract 
Incorporating expert priors when learning Bayesian networks: Heart failure as a case study Julia Flores, Ann Nicholson, Andrew Brunskill, Kevin Korb, Steve MascaroAbstract 

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