The 15th Bayesian Modelling Applications Workshop - Online, 30th July, 2021

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Workshop Schedule
Session ID ID Topic Presenter Authors Start Time (US PST) Start Time (Europe CET) Start Time (Australia AEST) Platform
Welcome Ann Nicholson 6:00 am 3:00 pm 11:00 pm Zoom
Introductions Ann Nicholson 6:05 am 3:05 pm 11:05 pm Zoom
Presentation (P1) 18 How to model COVID-19 pathophysiology during lockdown: remote elicitation of causal Bayesian networks from medical experts [PDF] Steven Mascaro Steven Mascaro, Yue Wu, Owen Woodberry, Erik Nyberg, Jessica Ramsay, Ross Pearson, Thomas Snelling and Ann Nicholson 6:20 am 3:20 pm 11:20 pm Zoom
Presentation (P2) 8 Prediction and Analysis of COVID-19 with Probabilistic Graphical Models [PDF] L. Enrique Sucar Luis Enrique Sucar, Jonathan Serrano-Pérez, Verónica Rodríguez-López, Luis Alberto Pineda-Cortés and Rosa María Gutiérrez-Rios 6:40 am 3:40 pm 11:40 pm Zoom
Presentation (P3) 1 Methodological scoping review of Bayesian belief network applications to antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic use [PDF] Madeleine Clarkson Madeleine C Clarkson, Katherine L Keenan and V Anne Smith 7:00 am 4:00 pm 12:00 am Zoom
Spotlight (S1) 16 Bridging the gaps in test interpretation of SARS-CoV-2 through Bayesian network modelling [PDF] Yue Wu Yue Wu, David Foley, Jessica Ramsay, Owen Woodberry, Steven Mascaro, Ann Nicholson and Tom Snelling 7:20 am 4:20 pm 12:20 am Zoom
Spotlight (S2) 7 Genes Identified via Bayesian Network Analysis of Temporal Dynamic Expression are Prognostic of Survival in Ovarian Cancer [PDF] V Anne Smith Hannah Currant, Athanasios Vogogias and V Anne Smith 7:24 am 4:24 pm 12:24 am Zoom
Spotlight (S3) 17 BARD: A structured method and application for collaboratively building Bayesian networks to support human reasoning and decisions [PDF] Erik Nyberg Erik Nyberg, Ann Nicholson, Kevin Korb, Michael Wybrow, Ingrid Zukerman, Steven Mascaro and Ross Pearson 7:28 am 4:28 pm 12:28 am Zoom
Spotlight (S4) 5 Applying Bayesian Networks to Inform Public Policy towards Water Quality Issue Prioritisation [PDF] Ross Pearson Ross Pearson, Mitzi Bolton, Ann Nicholson, Steven Mascaro and Rob Raven 7:32 am 4:32 pm 12:32 am Zoom
Break 7:36 am 4:36 pm 12:36 am Zoom
Poster Group 1 (G1) 7:51 am 4:51 pm 12:51 am Zoom
Panel The panel: Anne Smith, Marek Druzdzel, John Mark Agosta Moderator: Ann Nicholson 8:21 am 5:21 pm 1:21 am Zoom
Presentation (P4) 6 A Novel Application of Bayesian Network Structure Learning to a Dataset of Fictional Exoplanets [PDF] Emma Puranen Emma Puranen, Emily Finer, Christiane Helling and V Anne Smith 8:51 am 5:51 pm 1:51 am Zoom
Presentation (P5) 10 DropFilter for Uncertainty Estimation in Brain Tumor Segmentation [PDF] Natalia Khanzhina Natalia Khanzhina, Andrey Filchenkov, Maxim Kashirin, Ilya Osmakov and Pavel Ulyanov 9:11 am 6:11 pm 2:11 am Zoom
Spotlight (S5) 2 Bayesian Networks as a novel tool to enhance interpretability and predictive power of ecological models [PDF] Edwin Hui Edwin Hui, Richard Stafford, Iain M Matthews and V Anne Smith 9:31 am 6:31 pm 2:31 am Zoom
Spotlight (S6) 15 A comparison bewteen Elvira software and AMIDST toolbox in environmental data: A case study of flooding risk management [PDF] Rosa Fernández Ropero Rosa Fernández Ropero, M. Julia Flores, Rafael Cabañas and Rafael Rumi 9:35 am 6:35 pm 2:35 am Zoom
Spotlight (S7) 3 Practical application of a Bayesian network approach to poultry epigenetics and stress [PDF] Emiliano Videla Rodriguez Emiliano Ariel Videla Rodríguez, Fábio Pértille, John B.O. Mitchell, Per Jensen, Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna and V Anne Smith 9:39 am 6:39 pm 2:39 am Zoom
Spotlight (S8) 12 Optimizing a Diagnostic Classifier with Sparse, Unsupervised Data [PDF] John Mark Agosta John Mark Agosta and Jinyu Li 9:43 am 6:43 pm 2:43 am Zoom
Spotlight (S9) 19 Cost-effectiveness analysis with probabilistic graphical models [PDF] Manuel Luque Francisco Javier Diez, Manuel Luque, Manuel Arias and Jorge Pérez-Martín 9:47 am 6:47 pm 2:47 am Zoom
Wrap Up Marek Druzdzel 9:51 am 6:51 pm 2:51 am Zoom
Poster Group 2 (G2) 10:00 am 7:00 pm 3:00 am Zoom
Close 11:00 am 8:00 pm 4:00 am