[Abnms] Introductory & Programming BN Training Workshops

Steven Mascaro steven.mascaro at bayesian-intelligence.com
Wed Feb 20 16:53:28 AEDT 2013

Dear members,

We are pleased to announce that Bayesian Intelligence will again be running
a series of Bayesian network training workshops in Melbourne this year.

There will be six days of workshops, with the introductory BN
trainingrunning in both April and June:

* April 4th: Introduction to BNs
* April 5th: More on BNs

* June 27th: Introduction to BNs
* June 28th: More on BNs

* Sep 26th: Programming BN solutions with Netica (the basics)
* Sep 27th: Programming BN solutions with Netica (advanced topics)

People are invited to register for any combination of the training days
that best suits their background in BNs and their interests.

For more information, schedules and registration, please visit
http://bayesian-intelligence.com/training/, or contact me (Steven) via
reply email or on 0425 801 277.


Steven Mascaro - (+61) 0425 801 277
Bayesian Intelligence <http://bayesian-intelligence.com>
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