[Abnms] Bayesians without Borders

Ann Nicholson ann.nicholson at bayesian-intelligence.com
Mon Mar 19 20:59:32 AEDT 2012


We'd like to invite you to visit our new blog, Bayesians without
Borders at http://bayesian-intelligence.com/bwb/.

This site will host posts about Bayesian network technology, Bayesian
inference and analysis, Bayesian argument analysis, causal discovery,
risk assessment, Bayesian modeling, Bayesian confirmation theory, etc.
We aim to keep the content intelligible to non-experts and of interest
to a wide community. We welcome contributions from the broad community
of researchers engaged in Bayesian technology and analysis.

Aside from introductory material, we've posted a brief Bayesian
analysis of the infamous Sally Clark murder case. We hope you find it,
and the blog, of interest!


{Kevin.Korb, Ann.Nicholson, Steven.Mascaro} @bayesian-intelligence.com

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