The administrative contact for the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society can be reached on the following email address:


Board PositionPersonEmailOrganisation
President-elect Dr Trent Penmanpresident-elect@abnms.orgUniversity of Melbourne
President Dr Anca Haneapresident@abnms.orgUniversity of Melbourne
Past President Dr Annemarie Christophersenpast-president@abnms.orgGNS Science
Members at large
(3 years)
Dr Kate of Melbourne
Dr Sandra Johnsonsandra.johnson@abnms.orgPegaSys / ConsenSys
Members at large
(2 years)
Dr Thang Science and Technology Group
Dr Andrew Science and Technology Group
Members at large
(1 year)
Dr Bruce Marcotbruce.marcot@usda.govUSDA Forest Service
Dr Fabrice Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research

Other contacts

General information:Dr Anca Hanea (President)
Treasurer:Dr Owen Woodberry
Public secretary:Dr Steven Mascaro
Membership secretary:Dr Steven Mascaro
Website Manager:Dr Steven Mascaro